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Magic Root Vigor


Magic Root Vigor  The gene expression of root growth was fully exploded (Domestic initiative and international leading)


Effective components




EDTA Fe≥0.2g/L


CEC 400-800meq/100g



1) Unique humic acid cracking process activates the activity of humic acid, makes the large molecules change into micro molecular state, uptake by plant roots easily, it retains all nature organic matter of humic acid, such as GA(gibberellic acid), S-ABA(abscisic acid) and so on. Furthermore the functional groups of special space structure in our new humic acid, is very effective to enzyme activity of crop.

2) Humic acid particles can improve the permeability of cell membrane, reduce the energy consumption of nutrients absorbed by crops, promote the conversion of photosynthetic energy of crops, and improve the utilization rate of chemical nutrients.

3) Adsorption of soil particles, conducive to the formation of soil aggregate structure;At the same time, soil PH buffer is formed to create a good environment for the growth of crop roots.

4) Promote the growth of main root and lateral root significantly, increase the nutrient absorption area of root hair area, and assist the nutrient absorption of root system.


Usage and Application

Seedling stage transplanting dipped in root: dilute at 300-500 times, 3-5kg/ mu.

Flowering and fruiting stage: dilute at 300-500 times to drip irrigate or water flush, 5kg/mu/time, it will have better effect when combined with other microelement fertilizer.

When crop root system is damaged: dilute at 200-300 times, water flush or drip irrigation, 5kg/ mu/time.

Precaution: Please make small scale test when mixing with other fertilizers or pesticides before wide-spread application. 

Storage: In a cool and dry place, keep from direct sunlight or frozen.



It is available in 1L,5L,20L,200L,1000L or as per request.


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